Dr. Willem van der Merwe

Orthopaedic Surgeon Profile

iPhone-189Name: Dr. Willem van der Merwe

Qualification: MBChB (UOFS), Social Studies(Oxford), B.Med Sport Hons. (U.C.T.), FCS (SA) Ortho

Areas of specialty and interest: Knee Injuries, Sports Medicine, Arthroscopic Knee surgery for ligament reconstruction and meniscal repair, Minimal Invasive total knee replacements, Minimal Invasive Uni-compartment knee replacement, Computer assisted surgery for knee replacements.

10 Lines on you as a surgeon:

President of South African Society of Arthroscopy, Knee Surgery and Orthopaedic Sports Medicine Dr van der Merwe is recognized as an authority in knee surgery. His extensive experience in knee injuries and surgery has seen him being invited to lecture at many orthopaedic conferences around the world.

He is well known for conservative treatment and the use of MRI in determining diagnosis. His currently research areas are double bundle ACL reconstruction, eccentric muscle training in the prevention of osteoarthritis and patellar femoral pain aswell as 3D Reconstruction for ACL reconstruction and Rotional Instability.