Sports Science Radiology

Drs. Van Wageningen and Partners practice offers a comprehensive radiology service at the Sport Science Institute of South Africa under the auspices of Sport Radiology. At our Sports Radiology Clinic we see sportsmen and sportswomen of all levels. These range from international athletes to weekend warriors to school children and social athletes. We have the first high-field extremity MRI scanner in the Southern hemisphere, which is able to image extremities (wrists, elbows, knees, ankles and other small parts). This extremity scanner has the added advantage of being patient friendly.

Patients with claustrophobia can easily be scanned on this MRI scanner. The machine offers exquisite comfort and is applicable to small kids, where the parents may want accompany the child into the scanner room for the duration of the examination..

We also have available a low field extremity scanner, which can additionally image shoulders . We have a fully functional x-ray facility on site. We also offer ultrasound and bone densitometry on site. We offer radiology facilities to visiting teams from overseas as well as nationally.

This includes rugby players who participate in the Super 15 Rugby series as well as national teams like the All Blacks, Wallabies, The British Lions and other European based teams. We are affiliated with the Springboks seven side. We also frequently scan the Stormers and the Springboks at our on site radiology facility.

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