Total Knee Replacements

Tuesday, 30 July 2013 / Published in Articles

With an extensive repertoire of recognized patients, including sports persons from the Olympic Team, South Africa Netball Team, South Africa Cricket Team, Pakistan Cricket Team, South Africa Rugby Team, Stormers Rugby Team, Ajax Football Team, Santos Football Team and a number of Western Province athletes, the Sports Science Orthopaedic Clinic (SSOC) is the leading orthopaedic clinic in Cape Town. However, the Sports Science Orthopaedic Clinic has also success stories within the general public, with countless people benefiting from the Sports Science Orthopaedic Clinic’s specialist orthopaedic procedures and sport radiology service.

The uni and total knee replacement surgery has proven to be a huge success and has made tremendous difference amongst sports persons and the general public. This particular surgical procedure is designed to replace each component of damaged knee joints with an artificial replica in both structure and size which is made up both plastic and metal, thus alleviating excruciating pain and lack of mobility and improving the overall quality of life.

The uni-compartmental and total knee replacement surgery is fairly straight forward: an incision of approximately 20cm is made along the front of the knee, allowing an opening in the joint. Following this the damaged surfaces are removed and the remaining bone is shaped to suit the replacement components, ensuring the components fit firmly around the bone. After the replica components have been positioned, bone cement is added to hold the replacement parts in place. Mandatory steps to close and bandage the knee then follow, after which the patient can then begin the post knee surgery rehabilitation process.

Total knee replacement surgery can be a daunting experience, however, with the right orthopaedic clinic and orthopaedic experts it doesn’t have to be a traumatizing experience.  The Sports Science Orthopaedic Clinic’s team of highly skilled and experienced doctors, surgeons and consultants offer their advice and assistance during the pre and post-surgery stage, ensuring absolute peace of mind.

Dr. Willem van der Merwe is considered an authority in knee surgery with his areas of interest and speciality being: knee injuries, sports medicine, arthroscopic knee surgery for ligament reconstruction and meniscal repair, minimal invasive total knee replacements, minimal invasive uni-compartment knee replacement and computer assisted surgery for knee replacements.

Dr. Deon Engela has been a qualified orthopaedic surgeon since 1993 and specializes in hip and knee replacements, arthroscopic and ligament surgery and hand surgery. He is a founder member of the Constantia Joint Replacement Unit and currently operates a private practice at Constantiaberg Medi-Clinic.

Dr. Brendan John Dower’s areas of specialty and interest include: hip and knee arthroplasty and endoscopic surgery. He is particularly interested in joint replacement and preservation surgery in young patients who are actively involved in sporting activities.

Dr. Hayden Hobbs is a member of the South African Orthopaedic Society, South African Knee Society, International Society of Arthroscopy, Knee Surgery and Orthopaedic Sports Medicine and has been actively involved in research and educational meetings locally and internationally. His areas of interest and specialty include: knee injuries, arthroscopic knee surgery for ligament reconstruction (ACL, PCL) and meniscal repair, osteotomies around the knee, knee replacement surgery (total and uni-compartmental) and revision knee surgery.

Whether you require a uni-compartmental and total knee replacement to combat acutearthritis or to correct a previously unsuccessful knee operation, the Sports Science Orthopaedic Clinic’s team of highly specialized orthopaedic experts can help make your knee surgery as pleasant as possible.